Not Another Food Blog

Italy 2012 394I am sure you are thinking, “Oh another blog about food. I haven’t seen that before.” And you are absolutely right. There are too many blogs about food to even try to count. Why should I do one? What makes mine so special? Let me tell you what this blog will not be.

This is not a diet blog. While it is true that I often cook healthy, low-calorie meals and I have so far lost 55 pounds by changing the way I eat, two of my favorite ingredients are bacon and duck fat. If I have a recipe that calls for milk, I will always use full-fat, cream-on-top milk. My philosophy is that if your food is made right and completely satiating, then you won’t over eat. It’s when food is not hitting that sweet spot – when the flavors aren’t deep enough or there isn’t enough fat to truly satisfy your palate – that is when you eat too much because you are trying to feel satisfied. So carb-avoiding, fat-avoiding people beware: I will not show you “healthy” short cuts or how to cut out calories. The food I choose to eat is full flavor and if that means full fat, then so be it.

This is not a specialty or natural foods blog. You will not find me using vegetable substitutes for meat or obscure flours when I am baking. You will not find any special “gluten-free” recipes on this blog, unless they are naturally gluten free. I am an omnivore who likes tofu as much as she likes pork. Ok that’s not true – I really love pork. But I do enjoy tofu – just not in the place of meat. On a cold and foggy San Francisco night, I love a great miso soup with chunks of tofu floating in that lovely salty, umami broth. I want the ingredients to be celebrated for what they are.

This is not a “frugal gourmet” or “cheap eats” blog. While I am still amazed at how little I spend to get the most amazing produce from my local farmer, I have been known to drop a bundle at the local cheese shop. I want to find the best, the most flavorful foods. Sometimes I can do that for $5 and sometimes it costs $100.

This is a blog about my obsession with food. It is about how my relationship with food has grown up as I have. This blog is about how through food, I worked through my depression, and even lost weight. It is about how my love of food and my admiration for all those who work to put the food on my plate has opened up the world for me. This blog is my journey to find community through food. Thank you for joining me for the ride.

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6 Responses to Not Another Food Blog

  1. Sara J. says:

    I can’t wait to see what fully satisfying meals (full fat or not!) you share with us. Looking forward to the next post!

  2. Edith says:

    Excellent depth 😀

  3. Joanne Fox says:

    Wonderful introduction! I look forward to future posts.

  4. I love that you’re not cutting corners and keeping the fat in, at my house we keep only full fat milk in the fridge too! It’s good to finally find someone else who does this.

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