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Ode to the Fava Bean

I think spring has to be my favorite season for vegetables. I adore peas – especially sugar snap peas. Asparagus makes me so happy I can hardly sit still. But I think my absolute favorite is the fava bean. Back … Continue reading

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Gratitude for My Heroes

I am so blessed to live in San Francisco and have access to some of the best food on this planet. This post is part love letter and part thank you letter to the farmers, purveyors, chefs and vendors who … Continue reading

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A Creative Spark: Making Garbage Gourmet

A couple of years ago my work life was extremely intense. I was working 60-70 hours a week, and when I would get home, I rarely had the energy to cook. I would often order takeout or whip up something … Continue reading

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The Elixir of Ginger Tea

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been dealing with the typical seasonal ailments and as I grab my go-to elixir of ginger tea I have thought often of a woman who changed my life. Many years ago, when … Continue reading

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Inspiration from a Nearly-Empty Fridge

Some of my favorite meals come from when I have a almost nothing in my fridge or when something needs to be used before it spoils. I have to think more creatively, figuring out how to make a dish out … Continue reading

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The Healing Power of Apples

I spent most of my childhood on a farm in Nebraska. When I was little, we had a man-made horseshoe-shaped lake in the middle of our 300+ acre property that was surrounded with apple trees. I couldn’t tell you what … Continue reading

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