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Hunting an Obsession

I am obsessed. Several weeks ago I discovered the Time Life Foods of the World cookbook series. Beginning in 1968, Time Life put out this series of books showcasing the cuisines of the world in different volumes written by contemporary … Continue reading

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Cooking from the Heart: A Lesson in Imperfection

You may have noticed that I have not written a blog post in quite a while. I have plenty of excuses why I haven’t been writing: 1) I was too busy to write; 2) I couldn’t get comfortable writing unless … Continue reading

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Ode to the Fava Bean

I think spring has to be my favorite season for vegetables. I adore peas – especially sugar snap peas. Asparagus makes me so happy I can hardly sit still. But I think my absolute favorite is the fava bean. Back … Continue reading

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Inspiration from a Nearly-Empty Fridge

Some of my favorite meals come from when I have a almost nothing in my fridge or when something needs to be used before it spoils. I have to think more creatively, figuring out how to make a dish out … Continue reading

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